Jan 30, 2009

يا حبيبتى يا مصر

A nice video containing great photos for Egypt, A great video from the author (www.giveuschance.net).

I am impressed with that sum of videos i am watching favoring the long history of my great country .


Part 2: Hidden Treasures in Ancient Egypt

Enjoy ALL part II .

Secrets from Ancient Egypt - Part 1

Listen to foreigners voice describing Egypt and it's beauty, i was very glad when i saw this video .

Enjoy watching Pretty Egypt....

I will publish part II soon .....

Jan 29, 2009

Helwa Ya Balady - Dalida (Egypt My Beautiful Home Land)

Really i can't express how much i love this song since i was a kid listening to someone called "DALIDA" lived in Egypt and came back and sang some pretty songs including this song.

Just listen and watch and you will never forget this extremely beautifull country ....... EGYPT and only EGYPT

حلوة يا بلدي

بجد حلوة أوي يا بلدي

Really you are pretty my country